Monthly Archives: October 2013

Pumpkin season!

Fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the weather – so crisp and cool.  With the great weather and the changing colors of the leaves, it is the perfect weather for long walks or runs or driving, or pretty much anything, in my opinion.

I also love fall flavors – apple pie and, of course, pumpkin.  Oh, my obsession with pumpkin!  Even as a kid, the thing I looked forward to most at Thanksgiving has always been pumpkin pie.

I love that people have jumped on the pumpkin bandwagon – you can pretty much find pumpkin in anything.  My Friday afternoon treat the last few weeks has been the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte.


I have been putting pumpkin in my morning smoothies, and I have big plans to make some pumpkin muffins this weekend.

But my favorite is pumpkin beer. I started the pumpkin season with a Shipyard Pumpkinhead – with the cinnamon sugar rim, of course!


Not one to limit myself, I enjoy trying all kinds of pumpkin beers.  We recently tried the Cambridge Brewing Co.’s Great Pumpkin Ale.


It was good, more pumpkin than pumpkin spice.  And it’s local!

But one of my favorites lately has to be Jacko by Traveler.


Traveler makes these great shandies that I enjoyed during the summer, and Jack is just as good.  So yummy and sweet, and with that great pumpkin spice flavor.  It has been a little difficult to find, so we made sure to buy a case!  So I think I am ready for fall!

Komen run

Since school started, I haven’t been able to run as much as I would like, especially during the week – I just feel so tired at the end of a day at school!

I have at least been running on the weekends, and I was able to do three 5k’s this month, with the last one being Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5k in Boston, last Sunday.

Here I am after the finish!


It was a really good morning.  The race started at 8am, which was very early, but it was nice and cool, and there was a great turnout.  I also ran my fastest 5k to date, 36:47, which I know is slow for some people but is pretty good for me.  It’s fun to see myself improving now that I am really paying more attention to my running.

Ed ran his fastest 5k too!


It must have been something about the positive energy, with all those people running with a loved one in mind, or just to support a great cause.

So all in all, a great day!  Plus we raised money for a great cause.  Definitely one of those perfect Sunday mornings!

Being reflective

The first month of school has flown by, and the year is off to a good start.  I am loving my classes.  It’s exciting this year because I am teaching some new courses (Statistics & Economics) and teaching a course online.

There has been some stress too – this is our first year with the new evaluation system for teachers, and it is definitely overwhelming.  I am sure it will be easier once we are all used to it, but for now, it’s a huge change, there are so many forms, and there are so many questions.  I guess every new process has its hiccups.

While the beginning of the school year has been a lot of work, I always want to make time to learn more about things I am interested in outside of school.  Recently, my husband and I have been taking a class that our town’s police department offers, the Citizens Police Academy.  It has been very interesting, learning more about our town.

Last night was the taser demonstration.  I couldn’t believe how loud the “bang” was!  But even more surprising was the fact that the two guys who volunteered to get “tased” were fine five minutes later – who knew the effects could wear off so quickly!

The officers who put on this class are really great, and they have all kinds of stories.  What most interested me, as a teacher, was that more than one officer talked about reflecting on incidents they were involved in and thinking about ways they could have handled the situation better.

I can see how being reflective is important for them in their jobs.  Although police officers have a much harder job than I do, our jobs have that in common.  I generally think this is a strength for me, that I often think about how I taught a particular lesson or handled a certain situation, and I think about what I did well and what I could have done better.

It’s probably true of many jobs, and true in life, that if we all could reflect on our actions more often, we would become better at what we do.  Reflecting on our actions is something we probably could all stand to do more often.