Monthly Archives: September 2017


My goal for this school year is to keep life as low stress as possible.  I set some goals for myself, so the trick now is sticking to them.  So far, the first week went well.  I stuck to my morning routine of waking up at 5am so I could drink coffee and eat a little something in the peace of the morning (although I have to admit that this was hard to do on Thursday).  We went away for this long Labor Day weekend, so I made sure not to bring any work home so I could really rest and enjoy our trip to Maine.

I have to say, the trip was so restful and relaxing.  We had rented an apartment in Cape Elizabeth, and while we were there, I found myself thinking about how life could be simpler with less clutter and “stuff.”  I could also be happier with less distraction.  With that in mind, I made some decisions about separating my time and school time.  I removed my school email from my personal devices so I can’t mindlessly check them, which at times has been a cause for stress.  Realistically, I have a school issued chromebook that comes back and forth with me, so I should be able to do all my school related communication on that if I need to – this will just force  me to be more thoughtful about when and how I engage in school communication during my time.