About me

I am Jasvir MacIntosh.


I am keeping this blog as a way of sharing some of the things I am interested in.

One of my  interests in teaching.  I am a high school math teacher, so some of what I will write about will have to do with how much I love teaching and math and other geeky things like that.

I also love food.  I enjoy cooking and baking, and also trying new restaurants and new kinds of food.  I may write about new foods I try or restaurants I visit with my husband Ed.   I am also happy to share any other “food experiments” I might try.

I also would consider myself a (very) amateur photographer.  Unless otherwise stated, all the photos on this site are taken by me.

When I am not teaching, in the kitchen, or exercising, you can probably find me shopping or playing with my dogs.  I am sure I will share a few pictures of them now and again!




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