Back to school 2017

As August comes to an end, I am in my last week of summer vacation and thinking about going back to school.  As always, summer is, for me, a time of rest and reflection, in part about my experience as a teacher.  The last school year felt overall very stressful for me.  I’m not sure exactly why.  Was it because I was doing too much?  Was it because of things happening in the world around me?  Was I not making enough time for myself?  Maybe it was some combination of all these things.

Every year, I make new school year resolutions, with varying degrees of success.  This year, of course, will be no different, except that I am hoping this is one of those years where I succeed in the things I tell myself I will do.

Here are my plans to ensure a less stressful and happier school year:

  • No committees.  I even made sure I will follow through on this by sending emails indicating that I cannot fulfill these time commitments.
  • Stick to as most 2 after school days per week.
  • Go home on time on the other days.
  • Take at least one hour per week to work on something creative – whether this be writing, drawing, or crafting.  And of course, more than one hour is even better!
  • Read a little at night before bed.
  • Be ok with doing some school work at home if it means I have more time in my house.
  • Keep the weekends as fun time.

We’ll see how successful I am!  I think it will help to remember that I am a better teacher and human when I take care of myself.