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Happy New Year!


I love the beginning of a new year! It’s a time that encourages me to try to new things and  focus on what’s important to me. Plus, it offers some rest and quiet after a busy holiday season.

Rather than making resolutions that I MUST start on January 1st, I like to take the first few days to think about my goals and what I feel is realistic for me.

Here’s what I have come up with:

1 – read 1 book per week – this is pretty important to me, I just feel like I don’t read enough.  Plus, I have this bad habit of buying books that I am interested in, then letting them sit on the shelf.  I am looking forward to actually reading some of these.  My first book for the year the The Jungle Effect by Daphne Miller.

2- exercise 4 – 5 times per week – I would like to be in better shape, and I feel like this is a realistic amount of exercise for me.  I have my exercise schedule for this week made up – I am particularly excited to try something new, a Body Pump class at my gym.

3 – drink 1 cup of green tea per day – because I know green tea is good for me, but I just don’t drink it enough.

So those are my goals!  I am excited to see how it goes!